About Actualize Online

Actualize Online offers the same classroom experience as an in-person coding bootcamp. This means live interactive lectures and live exercises led by our Lead Instructor and Teaching Assistants, from the comfort of your living room.

Actualize has always stood out as an education leader in the coding bootcamp industry. All of our Lead Instructors are professional, experienced educators in addition to being software developers, which allows us to provide quality education to our students. Due to our unique approach to teaching software development, we believe that anyone can learn to code. By introducing Actualize Online, we are making this possible for you no matter where you are located. 


Colleen McGuckin at Actualize


Developer at Tracking Solutions

John Erickson Actualize

JOHN ERICKSON Developer at Wolfram Solutions

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Deployment Engineer at Aceyus

Alex Ispa-Cowan Actualize


Software Developer at Allstate

Class Schedule

Classes take place Sundays and Monday - Thursday, spanning 12 weeks of in-classroom online instruction.  

Class-times occur in your local time zone and are structured to ensure that you can keep your day job while learning to code.

Monday - Thursday 6:00 PM - 9:30 PM  

Sunday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Class Structure

Actualize Coding Bootcamp

Actualize Online ensures a quality classroom experience, using video chatting software. Students use both laptops as well as external monitors to ensure they can see their lead instructor, their lead instructor’s screen, and their classmates, as well as their own work, just like an in-person class. 

Actualize Coding Bootcamp

Like our in-person format, we constantly flip back and forth between instruction and exercises. During both instruction and exercises, the lead instructor can see each student, and all students can see each other.

During instruction, the lead instructor’s face is the main focus on the external monitor while introducing the new lesson, with the classmates off to the side. 

Actualize Coding Bootcamp

While demoing code, the lead instructor shares their screen while the classmates’ faces are off to the side.  


Course Outline

Actualize Prework


Actualize Online begins with five weeks of prework. During the prework phase, you'll get acquainted with the fundamentals of the Ruby programming language. Instructors review your work, provide feedback, and answer questions via video conferencing and email.

Actualize Classroom


Prework is followed by twelve weeks of live, online classes. In Actualize Online classrooms, we flip back and forth between instruction and exercises. Your instructor will clarify a new concept and demonstrate it visually, then give you an exercise using that concept in a different and more challenging context.

Actualize The Difference Engine


The guaranteed apprenticeship with our web agency, The Difference Engine, gives you the chance to put your skills to work. For up to four months, you will develop web applications for real-world clients while being supervised and trained by experienced developers, remotely. This unique opportunity will give you the chance to develop the skills, experience, and portfolio that employers look for.


Gain the skills you need to land a full-time entry-level web development position. Actualize teaches the in-demand skills you need to build interactive website and web applications. In just twelve weeks you will learn the fundamentals of:

Core Programming Skills

  • Ruby
  • OOP 
  • Data Structures and Algorithms

Back End Development

  • Rails
  • APIs
  • Microservices


  • SQL
  • Postgres
  • Database Design 

Front End Development

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Angular JS

Learning to code is only half the journey towards a complete career change; finding that job is equally important. From your first day at Actualize, you will be immersed in a dual program; focusing on becoming a software developer while simultaneously learning the necessary skills to land your dream job. 

Throughout your time at Actualize, you will be trained on white boarding, interviewing and networking skills and techniques, and upon graduation, you will work with our Career Management Team to land your dream job.

Our Difference

actualize coding bootcamp

Actualize Online is unique from other programs in that we do not simply pair you with a mentor for a few meetings a week and leave you to learn content on your own. Our online model is exactly the same as our in-classroom experience, consisting of quality lead instruction, guided exercises and mentorship throughout the entire experience. We believe that your education should be of the highest quality, no matter where you are located. 

Who You Are

We believe that anyone can learn to code, and our education model and custom-built curriculum were created around this theory. However, given the rigorous nature of a twelve-week bootcamp, we only accept students who demonstrate a success-mindset and the ability to persevere when things get tough. Our Admissions team will get to know you better and help guide you if our program is a good fit for you.

Get in touch with an Admissions Advisor by filling out an application.


Paying for a coding bootcamp can seem daunting. However, looking at it as an investment towards your future can make it seem more feasible, and Actualize Online offers different payment options. 

Our online course is being offered for an introductory $9,500. 

Financing information and payment plans are available. Payment details can be discussed with your Admissions Advisor.


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